About Lars Fischer

Lars Fischer is an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience covering a wide range of project and technology know how. His main focuses in the last decade have been: enterprise level architecture and development, integration projects; content management and project lead and management.

Since 2012, he has been working as a Senior Solution Architect within the Professional Services team at Magnolia, Basel. There he designs and develops solutions and architectures for large scale and mission critical customer projects. He has also acted as principal advisor for websites like Roche.com, the University of Zürich, Generali Switzerland, the Land Rover / Jaguar Club and the Canton of Basel Stadt.

Since 2017 he serves as Lead of Cloud Services.

Besides spending time with his family he appreciates listening to podcasts (2 to 3 hour daily commute!), „old-fashioned“ music and reading or watching an inspiring movie (or series) in his rather limited spare time. The family house can also be considered as a permanent hobby. He also very much enjoys the daily walk with his hunting dog.

His preferred sports is soccer and his favorite club is SC Freiburg where he occasionally watches matches live in the stadium with his son Linus.

Technologies used

This blog is running on Debian Linux hosted on Amazon AWS. The blog software used is Ghost (I like Markdown which I use for along time now) fronted by an NGINX server.
I did not use an existing Ghost image from the Amazon marketplace because I wanted full control about the underlying operating system and it’s configuration. I also wanted to go the „full way“ of configuring everything myself because I wanted to get more familiar with how AWS works and the services it offers (like configuring email with SES etc).
My first plan was to build the site on Magnolia CMS (which I support at work) with an app for articles and the corresponding templates but a major goal of this blog (and the ones I had before) is to learn about other stuff and enjoy other technologies than those I mainly use at work.

Ghost uses the default Casper theme which is slightly tuned by using a random Unsplash image as background an a different font for the page title.

Other tools and resources

For writing documentation and the blog posts I use Bear which (like Ghost) provides Markdown syntax.
The cover images used on this page are coming from the fantastic site Unsplash.

General disclaimer

This website expresses only my personal opinions and solutions and is not directly related to any kind of employer I might work for. Use hints and technologies mentioned at your own risk.